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Conference talks by Klaas van Gend

Note: only the talks at larger conferences are mentioned here. Product presentations and talks for specific customers (or even customer conferences) are definitely not mentioned here.

Event Location and Date Topic Remarks
NLUUG Autumn 2002 Conference on Extreme Unix Ede, The Netherlands
October 31, 2002
Embedded Linux for the Sioux M2W Project Paper: PDF (518 kB).
in cooperation with Sioux
Bits&Chips micro-event embedded OS 2004 Eindhoven, The Netherlands
January 29, 2004
Development for Embedded Linux:
vi, emacs & make retired?
in cooperation with Sioux
RTECC: Real time & Embedded Computing Conference Eindhoven, The Netherlands
4 november 2004
Linux: The Time is now! zipped PDF of the slides
This presentation was created on behalf of MontaVista
FOSDEM 2006 Brussels, Belgium
Februari 26, 2006
Real-time patches voor Linux This presentation was done on behalf of MontaVista. A movie of the presentation can be found on the website of Free Electrons.
Ottawa Linux Symposium 2006 Ottawa, Canada
July 21, 2006
The contents of the real-time Linux patch and common user mistakes This BOF session (slides) was a last-minute effort to get a introductory presentation on Real Time Linux on the OLS agenda. The talk was given by Steven Rostedt (Red Hat) and Klaas van Gend (MontaVista).
NLUUG Autumn 2006 Conference on IP Communication Ede, The Netherlands
September 14, 2006
3G networks and Linux laptops: does it run? conference paper available
Linux World Expo Utrecht, The Netherlands
October 11, 2006
Embedded Linux This talk will be given by Jan Smout (Sioux Embedded Systems) and Klaas van Gend (MontaVista)
T-Dose Eindhoven, The Netherlands
December 3, 2006
Linux Real-Time Klaas discussed the state of Real Time in Linux and a short view into the future (virtualization). Slides
NLLGG (Dutch Linux Users Group) Utrecht, The Netherlands
December 9, 2006
Linux, UMTS/3G networks and umtsmon talk about 3G networks and the development of the umtsmon tool to aid users
CELF Embedded Linux Conference 2007 Santa Clara, USA
April 17, 2007
TimeDoctor and LTTng main talk by Ruud Derwig from NXP on the topic of TimeDoctor, a plug-in to Eclipse to display trace information. Klaas presented a small part of the preso discussing the LTTng file parser back-end that MontaVista added to TimeDoctor.
Ottawa Linux Symposium 2007 Ottawa, Canada
June, 2007
Linux, UMTS/3G networks and umtsmon talk about 3G networks and the development of the umtsmon tool.
Paper, Slides will become available once the conference has ended.
MontaVista Vision: Developers Conferencere 2007 Santa Clara, USA
Oct 9, 2007
Using Real Time Linux: Common Pitfalls, Tips and Tricks talk about the technologies behind the Linux RT patch, common myths, user mistakes and how to avoid them
CELF Mountain View, USA
Apr 15, 2008
Using Real Time Linux: Common Pitfalls, Tips and Tricks (slides)talk about the technologies behind the Linux RT patch, common myths, user mistakes and how to avoid them
ARM Devcon San Jose
Oct 17, 2008
Employing Power Management Strategies in Mobile Devices
CELF Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2008 Ede
November 6+7, 2008
This conference was combined with the NLUUG autumn conference 2008, I was part of both program committees.
ESC San Jose Build Your Own Embedded System track San Jose
March 30, 2009
[ESC-160] Understand Linux Components, Kill Bugs, and Fix Wasteful Code My session, my slides.
In addition to the presentation, I also built the SD Card image that was used, including the switching menu.
CELF Embedded Linux Conference 2009 San Francisco
April 6-8, 2009
Top 3 pains in professional use of bitbake Note: this talk was still exploring build systems, MontaVista announced the choice of bitbake for the new product MVL 6 a few weeks later.
Linux Foundation's Japan Linux Symposium Tokyo
October 21-23, 2009
  • Addressing Top 5 Pain points in Building Embedded Linux Systems
  • Saving Battery Life With Linux Power Management
Japan was a totally new experience to me. I enjoyed both the conference and the city very much.

Program Committee memberships

Apart from giving talks, Klaas also was part of the following program committees:

Organization Date Location Topic
FOSDEM February 2007 Brussels, Belgium Embedded Developers Room
NLUUG May 10, 2007 Ede, The Netherlands Spring Conference 2007: Virtualization
CE Linux Forum November 2+3+4, 2007 Linz, Austria Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2007
FOSDEM February 2008 Brussels, Belgium Embedded Developers Room
CE Linux Forum November 6+7, 2008 Ede, The Netherlands Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2008
CE Linux Forum October 15+16, 2002009 Grenoble, France Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2009